The U.S.-based Halifax International Security Forum (HISF), known to the anti-war movement as the Halifax War Conference, returns to Halifax for the 11th year in a row from November 22 to 24. Every year, this event brings warmongers and war criminals, and their handmaidens, to plan further aggression against the peoples of the world. This is unacceptable. Join in actions to get Canada out of NATO, Make Canada a Zone for Peace and reaffirm that Halifax is “No Harbour For War”!

City bureaucrats have no idea how many Halifax Transit users are subjected to racist attacks. People who call 311 to report a racist incident may well end up dealing with an argumentative operator who raises doubts about the veracity of the caller. Just two things that came to light during a panel discussion on the increase of racist attacks on Halifax Transit users.

Here are a few of the stories the Nova Scotia Advocate covered in 2018 dealing with the many ways racism continues to manifest in Nova Scotia. There are other stories as well, some we missed, some of those were picked up by larger newsrooms, and others no doubt aren’t on anybody’s radar.