Some 70 environmentalists from across Nova Scotia rallied at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Halifax while inside senators were conducting hearings on Ottawa’s new Impact Assessment Act, or Bill C-69. Bill C-69 contains legislation that defines how federal environmental assessments are conducted.

Media release: A coalition of fishers, fish plant operators and workers, tourism operators, scientists, environmental organizations and communities will be delivering a message to a Senate committee that is meeting in Halifax this week – the Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board (CNSOPB) can’t be both a regulator and a promoter of offshore oil and gas drilling.

Corinne Gilroy and Scott Domenie reflect of the SNC Lavalin scandal. “Political hypocrisy—an intractable tension between stated values and political reality—is baked into the guiding philosophy of Canada’s political culture. The Trudeau government’s treatment of women MPs is just one of the latest, most high-profile manifestations of this tension.”