Video: The Healthy Forest Coalition, an alliance of organizations and individuals who care about these kinds of things, are calling on the government to institute a “Singing Season” in Nova Scotia, which would pause forestry operation from May 15-July 31, and give the migratory birds that nest in our woods the time they need to raise their young.

This weekend’s video is a short but powerful one, a conversation with Andrew, one of the folks living in a one-person crisis shelter constructed by Halifax Mutual Aid.

Bill C-7 expands Medical Assistance in Dying beyond those who are actually dying, but it only does so for persons with a disabling medical condition. In November of last year noted scholar Catherine Frazee addressed the House of Commons Standing Committee on Justice & Human Rights on the legislation via video. “What is it about disability that makes this okay,” Frazee asked. “Why such breathless confidence that Bill C-7 will bring no harm to disability communities?”

Weekend video: A construction and demolition debris facility on North Mountain, not far from Bridgetown, is located in a wetland that feeds springs and local wells. The site contains asbestos and autofluff, and local residents are having a hard time getting the department of Environment’s attention.

Check out this powerful video by the amazing Dave Gunning as he sings the praises of the beautiful St Mary’s river in Guysborough County, and explains why plans by Atlantic Gold to construct an open pit gold mine alongside the river should be halted.