Saturday, 16 November 2019

Scott Neigh does such a wonderful job highlighting activist work all across Canada. Whenever his podcast Talking Radical touches upon Nova Scotia he generously allows the Advocate to share. Here is Scott talking about the Halifax Workers Action Centre with Sakura Saunders and NS Advocate writer Lisa Cameron.

Remembrance Day is still a day of lonesomeness and social isolation for income assistance recipients, writes Kendall Worth. And worse, it’s also a reminder that Christmas is fast approaching, and the time leading up to Christmas is often not an easy time for people living in poverty.

Wherever there is poverty you will find period poverty, the inability to pay for menstrual products. And given Nova Scotia’s very high poverty rates, period poverty is a very much a concern here. I attended part of yesterday’s Period Poverty Summit to learn more.

I end my presentation with one request, Ms Knight; Hear what I am saying, look at these examples, and tell me that I am better off.”

Last Friday several members of the Benefit Reform Action Group (BRAG) met with managers at Community Services, at the department’s invitation. Tim Blades was sick and couldn’t make it, but fellow BRAG member Jodi Brown read his letter on his behalf. The letter is addressed to Joy Knight, who is the department’s director of Employment Support Services. Tim tells it as it is.