PSA: There will be free food, activities for children, beautiful life-sized art, poetry readings, and an impressive silent auction. More importantly, for those who are able to donate, every single dollar raised at this event will go directly to migrants in Nova Scotia requesting emergency support.

Danny Cavanagh: Let’s be clear that September 30 is more than a question of becoming a paid holiday. It’s a day to commemorate Truth and Reconciliation. Making it paid will give it much more weight and meaning. What we see in Nova Scotia is a half measure…

This Labour Day Danny Cavanagh reflects on the past year, the upcoming federal election and the challenges to come. Life has to more affordable for everyday people. We hearing about the economy doing well for the rich, but they’re not seeing the benefits for their families.

Labour Day is a public holiday, and a retail store closing day in Nova Scotia. Whether you are working that day or get the day off, you have rights, but, as Judy Haiven explains. the rules are a bit tricky.

Lisa CAmeron: Workplace infections have been the primary cause of COVID-19 outbreaks in hard-hit areas across Canada, yet 46 percent of Nova Scotian workers lack guaranteed access to paid sick leave; a benefit proven to help prevent the spread of illnesses and keep the public safe.

Danny Cavanagh: “Oh, how we forget. Mr. Erin O’Toole is no friend of workers or families. Now that there is an election, he is pretending he cares about workers’ pensions and other issues to get our votes. As Dr. Phil would say, the best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour.”

Statement: Members of CUPE 108, representing municipal workers with the Halifax Regional Municipality, were shocked and upset by the direction given to them the morning of August 18 by management to remove shelters used by people without homes. “Our members want the public to know that they would have opposed the removal of the shelters, as they have done previously,” says CUPE 108 President Scott Chetwynd.