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Judy Haiven: University blues – this fall’s first two weeks of misogyny and sexual assault on campus…
Martyn Williams: Letter to Kim Masland, minister of Public Works, and Premier Tim Houston
Luxury bones – Why we need universal dental care, and why it needs to be public
Thrown out of Peace and Friendship, a poem by  Thibault Jacquot-Paratte
Dignity now! Rally calls for moratorium on evictions
News brief: “I don’t know what more it’s going to take” – Federal parties vague on ending oil and gas activities in Nova Scotia’s offshore
Judy Haiven: Today, the Jewish Day of Atonement– a day to “repair the world”
Kendall Worth: An open letter to Premier Tim Houston and Community Services Minister Karla MacFarlane
News brief: Camps pop up on glyphosate spray sites in Colchester County
News brief: Push back against brute force police evictions continues
Halifax Communist candidate Katie Campbell: People are looking at other options, since capitalism isn’t working for them
Book review: Through the elephant ears, by MJ Dominey
Danny Cavanagh: September 30 should be a paid holiday for all
Hailie Tattrie: We’re closer to houselessness than we think
Halifax City Hall: How to get a rubber stamp approval

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