Thursday, 27 June 2019

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How Halifax police wrote the news about Saturday’s NCA rally
Letter: A request for urgent action to improve safety for vulnerable road users in Halifax before autumn
Toni MacAfee: As the planet heats up, Canada Post is asleep at the wheel
An open letter to Halifax council –  The city’s summer camp policy is breaching  the Nova Scotia Human Rights Act
Angela Bowden: Be safe mom, and don’t get arrested! Thoughts on policing the NCA counter demo
News brief: Halifax counter–demo shows NCA the door
The workers’ revolt in Amherst
News brief: Halifax Against Hate organizes counter demo as National Citizens Alliance is back in town
Thandiwe McCarthy: Gangsta’s paradise – my struggles as a Black poet
Raymond Sheppard: Listen to the people living with mental health issues
National groups to join human rights legal fight on behalf of people with intellectual disabilities
Coalition seeks to appeal human rights decision on community living
Danny Cavanagh: Pushing back against corporate greed and spineless politicians for 100 years and counting
Nova Scotians eager to sign petition to ban street checks, group tells Halifax Board of Police Commissioners
Open letter to Minister Mark Furey re position of the African Nova Scotian Decade for People of African Descent Coalition on street checks

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