Charles Reeve and Samir Gandesha: “While we hear much lately about the interlocking dangers of “cancel culture” versus “free speech,” NSCAD’s example shows that the real threat to universities is corporatization, as long-term decreases in public funding destabilize faculty and students by driving universities into the arms of donors with self-serving agendas.”

There’s a double standard in Nova Scotia society, one that allows a man found guilty of domestic abuse to resume his job as Liberal spokesperson, yet that punishes one bad tweet with the loss of what must have been a major source of income for a female freelance journalist.

PSA: Friends of NSCAD is hosting a rally to #FireTheNSCADBoard and #ReinstateAoife! This action will be held in protest of NSCAD’s Board of Governors whose irresponsible leadership and lack of oversight have steered the University into further uncertainty during an unprecedented global pandemic.