Dartmouth North NDP MLA Susan Leblanc writes about Prosperity Shared, an opportunity to examine together what it would be to share the wealth of our province more evenly. This month she is looking forward to moderating six community dinners that will bring people together to discuss local solutions and policy proposals.

This morning Bryony House workers, members of PSAC, and their supporters, some 70 people in all, attended a lively rally in front of the empty building where Bryony House used to be. They want to raise awareness about the loss of shelter for abused women and children.

This summer Premier McNeil took a stand against several recent racist incidents here in Nova Scotia. But racism is here each and every day, and it’s time for the province to take a closer look, writes Raymond Sheppard.

On Tuesday evening, news of yet another extremely serious pedestrian incident. At 7.45pm on a wet and windy evening, a 57 year old man was hit by a vehile on the 300 block of Windmill Road, Dartmouth and left with life threatening injuries. Martyn Williams has some observatons about the age of the victim, and the state of Windmill Road.