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Province announces over $1 billion in infrastructure spending, yet the Black community will not benefit economically

By the Objective News Agency investigative team. Republished with the kind permission of the Objective News Agency

Halifax waterfront, future site of the new Art Gallery of Nova Scotia

The Nova Scotia Liberal Party announced an over $1 Billion infrastructure spending spree for 2020-2021. More than double what the Province spent last year.

This money is strictly for infrastructure – construction, purchasing buildings to renovate and equipment. However, the Black community will not benefit economically from this massive spending. Not even a trickle down effect. How do we know? It’s called Political Will.

Not one politician will advocate for guaranteed Black contracts or Black labour on these projects- Not even the Black politicians. It’s not politically advantageous for them to do so. They have gotten away unpunished with not offering the Black community tangibles. So there is no Political Will – or motivation- for them to advocate for Black involvement economically.

New infrastructure spending, expands existing business and creates well-paying jobs -which will be all non-Black. With these new business opportunities and money, they will further marginalize the already financially unviable Black community, thus causing expanding gentrification.

We’ve always told you racism is economic. So for our Black youth, when you sit at the table with politicians, dismiss intangibles such as “Diversity” & “Inclusion.” Make sure tangibles in the way of government contracts, guaranteed infrastructure project partnerships and agreements are on the menu.

Anything else will lead to starvation.

Breakdown of where the lion share of the money is going

$385.3 Million for building and fixing roads and highways.

$256.6 Million to purchase 30 new schools/ and design and construct 16 schools.

$154 Million for new hospital projects in Halifax and Sydney

$11 Million for new Ferries

$5 Million for new school buses

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