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Halifax LGBTQ2S+ history: The Green Lantern Building

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For Halifax Pride I will be conducting a virtual tour of sorts of some significant spots in Halifax LGBTQ2S+ history. Today is the Green Lantern Building.


The Green Lantern Building at 1585 Barrington Street housed gay bars Club 777 and Thee Klub (both owned by David Gray) and Condon’s Bar (owned by Condon MacLeod) throughout the 1970s.

It was also home to several not-so-legal-offices-turned-apartments, where various gay men lived.

The Green Lantern building was also where the Gay Alliance for Equality held many of it’s first meetings and first set up the Gayline phone line.

“That was a thrill. The first time you get asked to dance, right?

And it’s not a girl from high school. It’s actually a guy asking you to dance.”

Lorne Izzard on Thee Klub in the Green Lantern Building

Adapted from a Facebook post by Rebecca Rose, author of the excellent Before the Parade, A History of Halifax’s Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Communities, 1972-1984.

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