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Halifax LGBTQ2S+ history: Forrest House

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For Halifax Pride I will be conducting a virtual tour of sorts of some significant spots in Halifax LGBTQ2S+ history. Today is Forrest House.


Forrest House was a YWCA-owned Victorian building at 1225 Barrington Street that was turned into a women’s centre in 1977.

Known as “A Women’s Place” it housed various women’s groups & women only workshops on feminism, assertiveness, sexuality, self-defence, rape counselling, women in politics, math, cars & more.

Many lesbians and bisexual women were involved, though they didn’t always feel welcome.

“The new role or fourth dimension portrays woman as a person herself using her abilities in changing the world in contrast to the three dimensional role of woman as wife, mother & housewife, an essentially passive & dependent role in a timeless world.”

– undated A Women’s Place Leaflet

Adapted from a Facebook post by Rebecca Rose, author of the excellent Before the Parade, A History of Halifax’s Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Communities, 1972-1984.

Recovering Local LGBTQIA2S+ Histories, a public event with Rebecca Rose, scheduled for Saturday July 25. Check out the Facebook event here. Register via eventbrite.

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