News release: We are in complete agreement with the demand now being put forward by groups across the province for a moratorium on all even-aged harvests on crown and other public land.

Our specific demand is for an immediate moratorium on all proposed and current logging on Crown lands from Fourth Lake south to the Napier River in Digby County.

“The question is: What is a welfare recipient whose only social contacts are people they know from soup kitchens and food banks supposed to do when at very short notice they need someone to come with them to the emergency room?” Kendall Worth to the rescue!

After the Africville rally I had a longer conversation with Denise Allen, one of the organizers and an Africville survivor herself. “I don’t know who our political representatives represent when they fight against justice for Africville. They’re certainly not representing their constituents. What they’re looking out for is the bottom line, they just don’t want to pay.”

Danny Cavanagh: “In Canada, we have weathered the pandemic by sticking together and supporting each other. Economic recovery cannot mean listening to the same old voices that led us to an economy with a widening income and gender gap, heightening rates of poverty and homelessness, increasing violence and inequality, and poorly underfunded and inadequate public and community services. We need investments in new ways of doing things.”

Shavan is a father of three from Jamaica who’s been coming to Nova Scotia as a migrant farm worker for eight years. This past year, his bunkhouse was overrun with large rats. He says, “I know that’s not part of Canada’s standards.” Even during the heatwave over the summer, Shavan and other migrant workers were working 10-hour days in the blistering sun for minimum wage.

As we brace for the second wave of COVID-19, Stacey Gomez, Asaf Rashid, Jessica Tellez and Wanda Thomas call for uregnt action to end systemic racism faced by migrant workers.