PSA: June 14–15, we invite you to watch a free screening of the award-winning Rights of Nature documentary, Invisible Hand. It follows several communities as they fight back against big industry’s quest to offload toxic waste, build more pipelines, and develop the land at any cost—even if it means contaminating rivers and destroying ecosystems. The title, Invisible Hand, refers to the invisible hand of capitalism.

Media release: This report shows a complete disconnect from the reality that tenants in this province are facing. Rather than provide material protections for tenants or invest in building public housing, the commission has chosen to recommend cutting red tape and giving tax breaks to developers, vague promises to improve public housing, and discontinuing rent control past the state of emergency.

Media release: With schools now reopening, it’s critical the province allow for a full and transparent review of school COVID-19 cases says the NSTU. Given the hundreds of school aged children that tested positive for COVID in late April and early May, and the sheer volume of schools impacted, a vague number in a talking point is not sufficient to assure families that schools were not a source of community transmission less than a month ago.

At the end of a challenging year of online classes, Nova Scotia universities are voting to once again raise fees for the coming year. Today, an alliance of 20 higher-education unions, non-unionized workers, and student associations in Nova Scotia, formed at the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, released an open letter to Premier Iain Rankin and Labour and Advanced Education Minister Lena Diab calling on them to step up to support struggling students.

Savannah Thomas: “As strangers ask endless questions I can’t help but look at Layla and think how unfair it is for her. She loves me and I love her and to be honest, neither of us can understand why that can’t be enough for some people.”

Media release: Premier Iain Rankin’s commitment to maintaining remote learning for the final few weeks of June brought closure and a level of certainty to students, teachers and families after COVID-19 ravaged the public school system in late April. Today’s announcement will generate more anxiety and needless confusion for families already struggling under the impacts of this pandemic, according to the NSTU.