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July 17 rally calls for reparations and compensation for slavery

“Husbands, wives, and families sold indiscriminately to different purchasers, are violently separated; probably never to meet again.” (Photo: New York Public Library, 1853).

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – The subject of reparations for the enslavement of the African is a topic most governments the world over, and including Canada, do not want to touch. Even those said to be open minded and concerned with the well being of mankind seem to run from the subject of reparations and compensation for the descendants of African people forced into slavery. 

Whereas all North American governments and others profited of the enslavement of the African, reparations to the descendants of those forced into slavery should be a no brainer. 

The rape of Africa, the theft and enslavement of the African, the worst crime against humanity, has never been given due process under international law because of racism in law and within governments and their lack of respect and what they seem to truly believe about race and equality and the value of human suffering. 

Governments and major companies in Canada made an estimated 50 trillion dollars from slavery in Canada, and with the so called end of slavery reparations were paid to slave owners, but not to those forced into slavery nor their descendants.

Black Lives Matter, and based on the above a rally will be held on July 17, 2021, at 1PM at the Peace and Friendship Park, across from the Westin Hotel in downtown Halifax.

Your attendance is crucial and respectfully encouraged!

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