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Raymond Sheppard: Writing our own story

Raymond Sheppard at a rally against police violence in Halifax. Photo Robert Devet

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – After George Floyd’s assassination at the hands of a white police officer in May 2020, and after many murders and injustices in Canada, after protests and rallies against systemic racism, white supremacy, anti-Black racism, and gross intolerance across Canada and the world, many non-African people and some businesses spoke out in support of racial justice.

Many companies and individuals displayed signs saying Black Lives Matter, but this is far from what is needed to disassemble white supremacy and to stop the hate. 

White supremacy and systemic racism cannot be disassembled unless the oppressors take  ownership and bring forth sweeping and long lasting changes and sustainable measures.

White supremacists, including most governments, are unwilling to give up their power, control, privilege and profit. They do not have the humanity to do the right thing. Many others condemn African culture and then try to imitate it while stepping on our backs to get ahead. They must remember that every end has a beginning. Demographics are shifting and at one point there will be no place in North America for the oppressors of African people. 

The bible and white religion were used to justify the enslavement of the African and revised and manipulated to maintain fear and control. 

Currently, the oppressors of African people still benefit from slavery and African people still suffer from slavery. Inter-generational gain and inter-generational pain. The oppressors are afraid of the truth because their history is based on a lie. If oppressors are superior then why do they spend their lifetime trying to undermine people of African descent? The answer seems to be that they fear the abilities, capabilities and genius of the African.

Most oppressors do not even want to acknowledge their privilege nor their deliberate actions to undermine any and all progress of the African while taking deliberate actions to elevate their  brethren. 

North America and most European countries proclaim that their founding principles included freedom and equality. Well, no one has yet shown African people freedom and equality. What we have endured is physical and mental slavery, systemic exclusion, oppression and suppression, and policies that have been designed to prevent African people from realizing their dreams.

It is difficult to expose the truth to some African people worldwide, and sharing the truth can be viewed as confrontational, even if it is coming from another person of African descent. The historical and current narrative created by our oppressors forces many African people to only accept the big lies of our oppressors, especially during election times.

Our oppressors still think of African people as their slaves because they continue to profit from us. White capitalist oppressors exploit any ignorance we may have, and continue to divide in an attempt to conquer and eliminate us. 

What we failed to acknowledge about their various ploys are their most valued weapons to keep controlling and manipulating us and using us for their own profit and power maintenance. Continuing to divide us by any means necessary with the narrative of propaganda, lies, half-truths and promoting jealousy is at the front end of their agenda. Many, many systems have been put in place on the backs of Africans and are continually massaged to limit our progress and stop us from reclaiming our birthright, and taking back our value and our power. These systems are political, economic, social, educational, medical in nature.

What our oppressors send our way, shows us what’s in us. Our oppressors are fearful for us to reach our destiny, this is why by all means necessary they try to divide while trying to eliminate us. They are fearful about becoming a minority as predicted. 

As African people we must get to the place of our full strength and truly recognize and accept our worth and recognize our true history and knowledge of who we are and get over our insecurities and start walking into our destiny, while remembering nothing done to us shall ever entirely succeed. 

As African people we must write our own story and let our dreams and ambitions be greater than our fears and inhibitions. Let no one tell you that our history is not important and that we as African people should just get over it. They only say this in order that we accept their imposed limitations and the BS narrative they are dictating.

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