PSA: The pandemic has exacerbated issues that have been brewing in Nova Scotia for years, and the time is now to enact long-overdue policies to benefit low- and moderate-income people of all statuses. Our platform includes demands around housing including permanent rent control, inclusionary zoning, and residential tenancies reform – but we are also introducing demands around fair banking, minimum wage and labour, and raising the rates of income assistance and disability.”

PSA: Nova Scotia ACORN has published a guide to tell renters that if your rent went up by more than 2% since September 1st your landlord may owe you money.

CAPREIT is making $1000/minute in profit and still refusing to repair the heat in the apartment buildings so tenants don’t freeze in their units. Tenants at Harbour View Towers are having a lobby meeting and rallying on Tuesday, December 15th to get CAPREIT to fix the heat and force the landlord to do capital repairs and maintenance – including pest treatment.