Nina Newington: “Jacob Fillmore is on the 15th day of his hunger strike. He has said he will keep going until he is hospitalized OR until our government puts in place an immediate moratorium on the clearcutting of Crown lands. I tried to talk him out of this hunger strike. Lots of other people have too.”

Letter: There is an empty plate at this table and an honoured guest , a youth, has been left out in the cold and he is hungry for change. Jacob Fillmore’s name and cause and courage have flashed around the world. The world is listening and he has been heard and now it is your turn to invite him in, to listen and meet the challenge of climate change.

This is day 13 of Jacob Fillmore’s hunger strike. Here is his letter to Premier Iain Rankin: “I strongly believe that Nova Scotia could be a global climate leader. You have the power, and the responsibility, to lead Nova Scotia into a new era of climate action and respect for the natural environment. I hope you will do what must be done to protect future generations.”

A rally at Province House to raise awareness about the fate of the fast disappearing mainland moose drew a crowd of some 50 folks early this afternoon. The protest was also in support of hunger striker Jacob Fillmore’s demands that the government institute an immediate moratorium on all clearcut activities in Nova Scotia.

Media release: As Jacob Fillmore enters his 9th day of hunger strike on the steps of
Province House, people are rallying to support his demand of an
immediate temporary moratorium on clearcutting on crown lands in Nova
Scotia. This moratorium would stop the destruction of critical habitat
until reforms intended to protect these areas could be fully

Bev Wigney: In recent weeks, there has been a proliferation of letters to the editor, and spot ads on radio and social media, giving us industry’s “poor me” version of what’s happening to forests on Crown land here in Nova Scotia. Apparently, too many citizens have been writing letters to papers or speaking on the radio, calling attention to what they are seeing with their own eyes.

The day before the Nova Scotia legislature reconvenes, Haligonian Jacob Fillmore begins his hunger strike demanding urgent action to protect the critically endangered Mainland Moose. Fillmore explained the need for a temporary moratorium on clear cutting on crown land and his intentions to refuse food until this demand is met in a letter delivered to Premier Ian Rankin last Wednesday.