Delays in the Lionel Desmond enquiry are unacceptable and cruel. “Sources close to this writer state that these delays are largely due to a number of lawyers demanding more money per hour while the Desmond and Borden families are made to wait, thus adding more trauma and pain and suffering,” writes Raymond Sheppard..

PSA: There are no more studies needed. There is much work to be done to undo the layers of racism at play in the HPD. Banning street checks is only a start, but an absolutely necessary one. Let Minister Mark Furey know that we need to end the racist practice of street checks now.

I ask why it was journalists who revealed the racist bias of police street checks rather than the Board of Police Commissioners, whose job it is to oversee the Halifax police. Then I speculate on the answer. They’re worried that it will expose how powerless they really are.

Raymond Sheppard and others continue to press for a hate crime charge in the Nhlanhla Dlamini attack. They also want the court to consider the impact of such hate crimes on the broader African Nova Scotian community. It’s time for an inquiry into the mistreatment of African Nova Scotians by the criminal justice system, they say.