Designating the Ingram River Wilderness Area near St. Margaret’s Bay will protect some of the most pristine publicly owned forests and waterways from logging and industrial activities. The process has reached a stage where the province is looking for public input. It’s important that we show the politicians we care, Helga Guderley, a member of the St. Margaret’s Bay Stewardship Association tells me.

Spokesperson Nina Newington invites Minister Derek Mombourquestte of Lands and Forestry to a meeting. “If mainland moose are to recover, we need to give them more, not less, habitat so that they can sustain larger populations. Those habitats must be based on what moose need to survive. Any discussion of moose habitat must be ecosystem based. Tweaking current inadequate protections while accommodating the forestry industry will not be enough.”

Letter: Clearcutting and spraying belong to a lazy, toxic forestry we can’t afford anymore. We want the provincial government to listen when we say: stop spraying and clearcutting Nova Scotia. Stop stringing us along with promises of reform. We’ve had enough. We need forestry that restores nature, stores carbon and creates jobs.