PSA: The election campaign has started and The ACE Team (Advocates for the Care of the Elderly) is calling on all political parties to make their Long-Term Care Platform clear.

Judie Haiven looks at two pre-election goodies coming our way compliments of the provincial government, money for long term care and affordable housing.

Media release: A continued lockdown for LTC residents while everyone else can enjoy increasing freedoms is not only inhumane, but also against their human rights. Preventing Elders from having visits is a form of elder abuse.

During the first wave of the pandemic, an Acadia University research team conducted a survey of three groups of essential workers in Nova Scotia — long-term care workers, retail workers and teachers. When asked if the media focused on the most important issues of their work, 69 per cent of participants responded “no” versus 31 per cent who said “yes.”

The recently tabled 2021-22 Provincial Budget seems to provide substantial and long overdue new funding for Long-Term Care, but it still fails to present a concerted plan of action on the real crisis in LTC in Nova Scotia in the short-term, and certainly, for the longer-term. An op-ed by Ian Johnson and Chris Parsons on behalf of Nova Scotians for Long-term Care Reform.

After management fired long-term care nurse Tevin Crawford in apparent retaliation for raising health and safety issues, workers at Truro’s Wynn Park Villa are getting close to winning major workplace improvements. Lisa Cameron follows up on an earlier story.

After a Licensed Practical Nurse employed by a nursing home in Truro started raising concerns about working conditions and mentioned unionization he was promptly fired. Lisa Cameron takes a closer look.