News release by Alton Gas water protectors: “Sipekne’katik/Fort Ellis — Alton Gas has posted signs outside the Treaty Camp at the Shubenacadie River naming water protectors on site as trespassers and criminals. Grassroots Mi’kmaq water protectors have been holding down a protection camp at the Shubenacadie River for nine months to prevent Alton Gas from dumping thousands of tons of salt brine into the sacred river every day. They are outraged by Alton Gas’ bully tactics and intent to resume work on the project without allowing Sipekne’katik to complete its community consultation process.”

News release: Concerned social workers in Nova Scotia have launched a social media campaign to engage Nova Scotians and bring awareness to the significant stressors that the province’s child protective system is facing. “The current system is being stretched so thin and children are falling through the cracks. Child protection social workers continue to see high caseloads that are increasingly complex. This challenges the quality of case management and increases the risk to vulnerable children and families.”

Media release by the Council of Canadians on renewed industry efforts to do away with the ban on fracking in Nova Scotia. “It is as if they don’t realize that the fracking, salt cavern gas storage, and mining they are talking about  is on unceded and unsurrendered Mi’kmaq territory. Territory for which we as Mi’kmaq Peoples have the inherent Title. Instead of having entire liberty in trade to our best advantage, as is written in our treaties,: we are having our resources stolen and our land poisoned, then being blamed for our own poverty,” said Rebecca Moore.