A press release issued by Independent Living Nova Scotia on December 18 announces that Kendall is this year’s recipient of the Lois Miller Tulip Award. The annual award recognizes a person, group or organization that exemplifies the spirit of independent living and enables people living with disabilities to have control over their lives.

Laura Slade: “When you live in poverty, one of the most valuable gifts you can receive is the gift of self-determination. We know what we need. We know where it is best for us to shop, what we’re comfortable wearing and what we need to eat. Each human deserves the dignity of making their own choices.”

Moving away from a place where you weren’t happy, and to a place that is pleasant, where you live near a friend and where the caseworkers are more helpful makes a big difference to our old friend Daryl. His friend and roommate Darlene is equally doing well, Kendall Worth reports.

Kendall Worth: Meet Jennifer, Donna, Tafiba, and Michelle , who have two things in common. They are interested in wanting to get back into the workforce and they have applied for a zillion jobs over these past couple of years and it seems that no one will hire them.

Kendall Worth: “Winning the award and not having to make plans to be at my brother’s place made me feel I was living my life with a sense of self-worth for once. That is what I believe is the best birthday present I can give myself this year.”