Judy Haiven takes a close look at the human rights tribunal that found Halifax police discriminated against a Black man who was ticketed for jaywalking on Gottingen Street. “We cannot treat the police force in Halifax as though it has a few bad apples. We cannot assume that racism within the police — or any institution — is the exception,” she writes.

Judy and Larry Haiven tackle non-disclosure agreements. Some argue that everybody wins, they write. The complainant gets some compensation. The perpetrator and the employer are protected from all the bad publicity. But it’s a big defeat for the cause of justice. It’s as if the bad incident never happened.

“Here are two sobering and real stories about young women in Halifax, Nova Scotia.” Judy Haiven on date-rape drugs, bullying and other types of abuse, what it does to your mindset, how it ruins lives, and how governments and companies allow it to continue.