In early May this year Mi’kmaq leader Keptin Sark returned the Order of PEI that he had been awarded to the provincial legislature. He wants the name of Jeffrey Amherst – a notorious British General responsible for distributing blankets infected with smallpox amongst the Mi’kmaq and other Indigenous peoples in the 18th Century – removed from the historic site at Port-la-Joye at Rocky Point, across the harbour from Charlottetown. Neither the provincial nor the federal Liberals are listening.

Damn confederate flag! Couple of years ago it was Truro, Nova Scotia, now it’s PEI. Meanwhile you see smaller provocations, things like flag decals on cars, tee shirts and stuff like that, all the time. Let’s ban the flag and all other white supremacist symbols.

The provincial government is only halfheartedly supporting Black History Month in PEI, says a resident. The Black community on the Island could really use the help. ““The white islanders here need to hear that this is a community that is important and vibrant.”