Letter to the Halifax Board of Police Commissioners by a recently formed coalition of groups and individuals interested in reforming policing in Nova Scotia. Among other things the group cautions against looking at body cams as an effective way to tackle police violence and call for public access to all HRP operational policies. They also ask that the Board engage in an extensive community consultation regarding systemic racism.

Judy HAiven: The Orwellian reality is that five people did not survive their “wellness check” carried out by police. There is no coincidence here: The police shot the five because of their race and because they could do so.

Petition: The mass murders in Nova Scotia were not “senseless.” They were predictable. We need an independent public inquiry with a feminist analysis of the persistent pattern of Nova Scotian women beaten, burned, sexually assaulted, stalked, strangled, shot, stabbed, tortured, trafficked, murdered (femicide), disappeared, and dismembered.

Open letter by the ANSDPAD Coalition: For decades our community has called on government to work collaboratively with us to address the ongoing issues of racial profiling, over policing, police brutality, systemic anti-Black racism in the justice system, and differential treatment while incarcerated.