Activist and poet Angela Bowden reflects on the urgent need to start talking about reparations to the Black community in Nova Scotia. “The evidence and framework for reparations is already embedded in the wisdom and trauma of our elders and our youth, we require all of you to get this job done,” she writes.

“Over the years, I had the pleasure of knowing some very good police officers within the Halifax Regional Municipality.” A quick note by Raymond Sheppard.

Judy Haiven: “The Black community and its growing number of allies will not accept the continued violence, arrests and yes — street checks — by the Halifax Police. And, hopefully, the “good burghers” – Halifax’s white residents – will actually support the Black community’s struggle against police tyranny.”

Angela Bowden read this terrific poem at the rally in support of Santina Rao, the young mother falsely accused of shoplifting at the Mumford Road Walmart and violently arrested by four police officers in front of her little children.