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News brief: Amherst politician uses N-word, continues run for mayor

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – The Truro Daily News reports that George Baker, an Amherst councillor, admitted to using the ‘N’-word during an argument in a local restaurant, but plans to continue his run for mayor.

Councillor George Baker. Photo Facebook

Using the racial slur was out of character and very mysterious, he explained.

“I used the ‘N’-word and immediately said  ‘No one should ever say that word, I’m sorry’… I have no idea why that word would have come to my mind,” Baker is quoted as explaining in a release he issued. “It’s not a word I ever use.”

Council met in camera in July and determined that the Municipal Government Act does not provide a mechanism to deal with allegations of misconduct on the part of a member of council.

However, it appears that  the police commission does have policies to censure such behaviour. And since Baker is a member of that police commission, that is where the racist slur will now be discussed sometime in the future.

Meanwhile, Baker does not intend to resign or even put his mayoral campaign on hold.

According to its Facebook feed Baker told local community radio station CFTA Tantramar 107.9 FM that he has spoken to virtually all of his African-Canadian constituents, and feels he has their full support.

Many Facebook comments suggest Baker should resign.

“Upset or not racist remarks in today’s day and age are 100% uncalled for regardless of the situation,” says one Facebook user.

Other comments are of the ‘we all make mistakes’ variety.

And some are just plain hardcore racist.