I remember being taken aback when I first arrived in Nova Scotia a long time ago, reading the full names and addresses of people involved in the criminal justice system in the newspapers. In Holland, where I was born, identities of accused and even convicted people are never published. If it were up to me Canada would follow the dutch example, but I realize that’s asking for a huge change. That said, I would love to see a discussion about those cases where people are merely charged with a crime. Do we really need to know their names?

“The way that we’re looking at it, regardless of whether there’s four residents or 40 or 400, you’re taking children away from their families. What the press release says is that it will house children from two to 18 years old. No two year old should be removed from their family. No parent wants to have their child sent to live somewhere else, they will only agree when there are no alternatives provided, says Patricia Neves, Acting Executive Director of the Nova Scotia Association for Community Living.

The report on Cornwallis is a good piece of work, but ironically, when it comes to how we reached this milestone moment, the report erases a long history of resistance to the statue and all that it stands for, much of it led by Mi’kmaw women.

A complaint lodged by a Halifax couple who believe that they were racially profiled by Halifax Regional Police (HRP) hit a procedural hurdle at this morning’s Nova Scotia Police Review Board meeting. The issue had nothing to do with the complaints, and everything with HRP screwing up and not following due process. The disturbing part is that it may let the accused cops off the hook before the tribunal, scheduled to last two days, even gets started for real.

This afternoon some 30 tenants of 6 Nivens Avenue and their sympathizers rallied in front of the North Dartmouth building to bring attention to its state of disrepair. They also have safety concerns and are upset about a substantial rent increase received by one of the tenants that they believe are in retaliation for lodging complaints with the city.