Chances are that Justin Trudeau,federal ministers and Stephen McNeil are going to find their inboxes and Facebook and Twitter timelines rather full this week. The group that is trying to stop Alton Gas from dumping brine into the vulnerable Shubenacadie River kicked off a one-week social media blitz to make the politicians aware of the issues.

This weekend’s weekend video is Seeking Netukulimk, by Martha Stiegman. Learn about Mi’kmaq treaties and stewardship of the land in this lyrical documentary by a master documentary maker.

A 65-year old New Glasgow woman who suffers from severe Multiple Chemical Sensitivities has been ordered to vacate the only house where she can live in relative safety. She has been unable to find an alternative that doesn’t put her health at risk, and desperately wants the Housing Authority to abandon its eviction notice.

Our series “Lives on welfare” continues. Meet Bernice. She cut her power bill, only to see Community Services deduct the savings from her monthly cheque. “What do you do? I am just exhausted, from arguing. I am taking my frustration out on my worker, but she has no control, so she takes the crappy end of it. But if you are so frustrated she is the one you vent too, and I keep apologizing to her, I am sorry, I know it’s not your fault.”

The Local Xpress, run by striking newsroom workers, is doing very well, thank you. The news website keeps journalists, photographers and editors busy and has become a real thorn in the side of the scabby Chronicle Herald. Originally published in

Poverty activist Kendall Worth directs his attention at our educational system. Why we should teach about local poverty at all levels of education, and what that might look like. Kendall has a couple of great ideas!