At the Nova Scotia Advocate we hate food banks with a vengeance. It is also one of our favourite charities. Let Glenn tell you why. Check it out, it only takes a couple of minutes.

The living wage in Halifax went down in 2016, a new CCPA report suggests. But there is a good and instructive reason for that. Also in the report, a living wage for Antigonish town and municipality.

Another inventive suggestion by our regular contributor Kendall Worth. Why not give that $2 million Community Services spends on consultants to the group he chairs? They are better qualified to make recommendations on how to fix social assistance than anybody. After all, it’s the life they live. And they could use the money.

This weekend we feature a heartwarming and important short documentary about Tammy Parker and the life she carved out for herself in Wolfville, bringing joy wherever she went. It illustrates how inclusion benefits an entire community.

Volunteers associated with the Ecology Action Centre and various naturalist groups conducted a “Bio Blitz” on the proposed route for the gas pipeline slated to supply the Alton Gas Storage project in Brentwood and crossing a wilderness area. It appears Alton Gas missed at least one wetland area.

After learning more about Community Services planned changes to the way it delivers welfare the Benefits Reform Action Group sent a letter to all MLAs. They’re very worried about the direction the ESIA transformation project is taking.