Not bad for a beginner. Our 15 most-read stories in 2016

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – These are the 15 most-read stories in the Nova Scotia Advocate’s first year.


1 – Op-ed: North Preston and CBC’s not so finest.

2 – “You just don’t do this to people.” Good and bad news for Spryfield tenants.

3 – Mother says Nova Scotia Hospital staff placed pillowcase over son’s head.

4 – Warehoused at the Nova Scotia Hospital for 10+ years.

5 – African United Baptist Association of Nova Scotia calls for Sobeys boycott.

6 – A very emotional day. Sobeys does u-turn on racial profiling case.

7 – Ship’s crew stranded in Port Hawkesbury owed wages, want to go home.

8 – Poverty rates exceed national average, are highest in Maritimes.

9 – Glyphosate in Nova Scotia, an update.

10 – Going hungry on minimum wage. The fight for $15 in Halifax.

11 – Lucasville. A 200-year old African Nova Scotian community fighting for survival.

12 – Fracking company leaves province with the cleanup. By Ken Summers.

13 – Greystone pictorial. The state of public housing in Spryfield.

14 – Op-ed: We need to work together to improve our education system. By Liette Doucet.

15 – Spaniard’s Bay not an isolated case, says former Halifax firefighter.

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