Education Poverty Weekend Video

Weekend video: The Halifax Humanities 101 program

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – We’re delighted to present this week’s featured video on Halifax Humanities 101, the wonderful program that allows people on low income to read and discuss great books of literature and philosophy guided along by university professors, for free.

People on low income are just as intellectually curious as anybody, but the obstacles met when pursuing these interests are often insurmountable.

Money is an issue of course, tuition, books and even bus tickets are luxuries that you can ill afford if you can hardly afford to feed your kids, or go to bed hungry once in a while. And then there are the emotional obstacles. A life time of being made to feel that you’re poor and therefore worthless leaves deep scars.

I first learned about the program when some of my activist friends started bringing Plato’s Republic to meetings. Made me feel so uneducated. Coming to think of it, I spotted no less than three Nova Scotia Advocate contributors in this short video, and I know there are others.

The video was made by by Rachel O’Brien.

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