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Letter from Kendall Worth: Mind your own business!

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – We all know how hard life is for people on welfare. Lately I have been hearing stories from people on income assistance who are having problems of a different kind. Problems middle and upper class people would have no idea of.

I learned of a couple of recent occasions where at least two income assistance recipients I know for sure have gotten harassed by middle and upper class people in their community for going to various media news outlets. These people talked about what happened to them on income assistance and mentioned the negative decisions made by their caseworkers or other decision makers.

I also know of another income assistance recipient who had also been in the news. One close family member got phone calls from people has not seen or talked to in at least 10 to 20 years of his life. .  These people called because they were pissed off to find out to find out that this person is on social assistance. They should mind their own business!

It so happened that this particular income assistance recipient is fortunate to have a good relationship with his family. Often that is not the case.

Keep in mind, at least 50%, (if not more) of middle can upper class citizens do not know the Community Services social assistance  program from a hole in the ground.

It is safe to say that anywhere between 50% to 90% of income assistance recipients cannot work full time because of physical and or mental disabilities. Those middle and upper class citizens who decide harass income assistance recipients do not even bother to find out about that.  

So the welfare stigma continues!

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