Journalist Kendall Worth visits the People’s Park encampment. “Something that society in general, and especially the financially better off, need to understand is that by far most of the unhoused people are not criminals. As well, people are not homeless by their own choice.”

Kendall Worth: People in my community are concerned about this new government. “What is this new government going to do for people living in poverty and for people receiving social assistance,” they ask.

Kendall Worth has been harassed online in the past, and he has had other issues as well. He finds Facebook falling short when it comes to shielding and supporting its users.

It’s Kendall’s birthday today. Meet Jason and Kate (not their real names), two welfare recipients who knew each other from back in the days when they lived a better off life. Kendall talks with them about birthdays and how life has changed altogether.

Reporter Kendall Worth meets up with Marie and Alice, two women on social assistance who dream about the day when they can afford to live somewhere where during the summer months they can have a BBQ out on their back decks or on their balconies. “Summertime is the most socially isolated time of year for the both of us, because of lack of funds to do things and the extra time spent by our lonesome,” they tell him.