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Weekend video: North Preston music video camp

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – “Our ancestors were brought to North Preston to die. The landscape was more like a rock and not a good area to grow food and stuff. But everybody stuck together and they survived.”

That was the inspiration for a song and a music video by a bunch of very talented North Preston kids who got together ten years ago now.

I can’t find the the music video in question, “North Side”, anywhere, no matter what I google. But check out this documentary on the making of the video, created during a five-day program at the North Preston Community Centre. Their efforts were supported by the Centre for Art Tapes and produced by Halifax-based Ann Verrall, through the North Preston Community Centre’s Face the Music Program.

participants and mentors at Centre for Art Tapes, Halifax. Photo from Ann Verral’s website.

Verrall is a wonderful director and producer, who often engages in projects involving youth. Earlier we featured Magitt’s Doll, a touching short about Magit Sylliboy’s stay at the Shubenacadie Residential School when she was just four years old. That documentary was created by students of We’koqom’a Mi’kmaw School in Waycobah, Cape Breton.

So yes, check it out!

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