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Shades of Green podcast: Anti-Black racism in Nova Scotia: A #CBCFacingRace town hall

Shades of Green has a case of laryngitis and needs to rest her voice this week. There will be no new podcast episode until next week. Fortunately, CBC’s The Current has just released a special edition from a town hall exploring anti-black racism in Nova Scotia, including environmental racism,  gentrification, and violence against women.

It is essential listening, especially for white folks- in Kjipuktuk/ Halifax – in Nova Scotia- and beyond. As Rodney Small of Common Good Solutions puts it, “We have to start the conversation somewhere…. Call it what it is: white ignorance. Because when you have people that actually are willing to come in a community with such a strong history and not willing to indulge in that history and learn about that community it is what it is. Ignorant. Plain and simple.”

We invite you to have a deep listen to these incredible voices, and to reflect on how these stories connect with the questions we’ve been exploring together with the Shades of Green podcast series so far. Listen to the link embedded on this page.

You can watch the unabridged town hall here.

There is also a full transcript available here.

Featured Voices:

Irvine Carvery
Melinda Daye
Louise Delisle
El Jones
Lucy Nickerson
Rodney Small
Dr. Ingrid Waldron
North Community Action Committee

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