Education Racism Weekend Video

Weekend video: Another Objective IPP school-to-prison pipeline trailer

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – Since I last wrote about the Objective News Agency and its work on a documentary about the school to prison pipeline, a couple more trailers have been posted.

Over and over Black Nova Scotians tell us that racism is alive and well in this province, that driving while Black, walking while Black, shopping while Black, working while Black and just being Black are activities fraught with risk.  

No surprise that going to school while Black is no exception.

In this trailer we hear from Steve Carrington, who was a teacher before he became a student services consultant with the Nova Scotia Department of Early Childhood Education.

“I know teaching is hard. I have 20 years in. I have taught with some terrible teachers, and I wish I would have spoken up.”

I really hope Kings’ grads Tundè Balogun and  Sandra Hannebohm get to finish their project, and many more to follow. Nova Scotia needs them.

Find out more at , and please, if you can afford it at all, help them out by making a donation on Indiegogo.


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