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Tony Tracy: Our rights are meaningless if not defended

Tony Tracy was one of the six labour activists who last night were arrested after picketing in support of the postal workers who were legislated back to work. This is what Tony posted on Facebook after his release from custody this afternoon. 

Quick update: a bit earlier this afternoon, myself and the five comrades I was arrested with last night were released from custody, following an overnight at the police station and a fairly full day in a cell in the basement of the courthouse.

We are all fine, in good spirits and good health.

It was heartwarming this afternoon to see a courtroom packed with friendly and familiar faces of many dear friends and comrades. That support was extraordinary appreciated by us all.

Many many thanks also to all for the many text messages, comments, direct messages and whatnot. Honestly, it is likely to take me several hours, if not a day or so, to read through each and catch up on responses.

The right to full and fair collective Collective Bargaining, and the fundamental Charter-protected right to strike, are always worth defending.

Bosses and governments have never given us rights that we haven’t fought for, and those “rights” are meaningless if not defended.

And, as we know, the legislated eradication of those fundamental rights from our postal worker friends in recent weeks demands very concrete and specific support in Solidarity with our CUPW friends and comrades.

Thanks to all who joined me last night, in the streets, on the picket lines and gate blockades, and (a much smaller group of only six of us, now all dear comrades) in jail cells overnight and today.

And, of course, many thanks to our lawyer Joel Pink. It is hard to imagine being in better legal hands as we move forward in our legal defence in the weeks/months ahead (with our next court appearance on January 4th).

Solidarity! Always.

Republished with permission.


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