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Op ed: Legal defence fund for NCA counter demonstrator needs our support

Photo Robert Devet

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – A counter demonstrator, arrested after the failed attempt to hold a rally on the Grand Parade in Halifax by the National Citizens Alliance, is facing charges.

Halifax Against Hate, the group that organized the counter protest, is asking for help with legal fees. 

The way the Halifax Regional Police described another arrest earlier that day did not reflect what really happened. I was five feet away when it happened. And there is video.

I wrote about it here: How Halifax police wrote the news about Saturday’s NCA rally.

I had left when the second arrest occurred, but again there are narratives that differ from the police’s version, and again there appears to be video backing the counter demonstrators’ version of events. 

In order to find out what really happened the counter protester must have all the necessary legal representation.

If you think a fair trial matters than you should definitely make a donation, if you can at all afford it. 

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