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Raymond Sheppard: Saying “well done” to our African Nova Scotian brothers and sisters

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Brother/Sisters, I propose that we start a process to acknowledge ourselves. I realize that after many years of propping up and contributing to the success of others we are sometimes recognized. Equally, I realize that the Black Cultural Centre and the African Nova Scotia Music Association acknowledge some or our people some of the time, but the everyday unsung heroes still go unsung. I propose we do something about this situation.

As a proud conscious African Nova Scotian, I honestly and truly believe we have a need and responsibility to recognize and appreciate one another. From the youth that stayed in school although his father passed away to the youth that dropped out of school years ago to get a job and help his family and twenty-five years later finished high school. The mother that quit her job to stay home with her ill child. The sons that taken a lengthy leave of absence from the workforce to take care of his aged and ailing father…and the list goes on and on.

I strongly believe as an African Nova Scotia elder that we must appreciate, recognize and accent the positive of our own people’s contributions and achievements.  Recognition serves as a tool for reinforcing the behaviours that drive productivity and positive community involvement. It is vital to boost out engagement that has a “ripple effect” that reaches well beyond those recognized. 

Recognition also lets a Brother/Sister know that we care and value them, and where individuals feel appreciated for their contributions and their accomplishments psychology shows they develop additional positive self esteem and excellence. Through recognition, we also build on our glorious history and pay homage to the sacrifices of our ancestors.

Sisters/Brother, please join others and me in this honourable undertaking. Based on those facts of the matter 2019-2020 should be the year we say “well done.”

Recognition, it’s in you to give!

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