Today I ask the 330,000 Canadian Jews to think about “repairing the world.” We have to start with examining our role in supporting what Israel is doing to the Palestinians. The progressive world’s gaze is now fixated on opposing settler colonialism, and fighting racism and inequality. It is Jews’ responsibility to force Israel to end its illegal and brutal occupation of Palestinians’ lands.

In July of 2019 Rana Zaman, a Muslim woman of colour originally from Pakistan, was blocked from running for the federal NDP in the Dartmouth-Cole Harbour riding, although she had won the nomination fair and square. Now Zaman is running in the same federal riding again, only this time for the Greens.

Armed forces casualties of the Afghan war, Snowbirds team members, Armed Forces members who died in the crash of the Sikorsky Cyclone helicopter, all these people get state funerals, complete with motorcades. Meanwhile, no such public tributes, photo montages, biographies nor hymns were organized or published to commemorate the 53 seniors who have died from COVID-19 at Northwood Manor. This is no coincidence, writes Tony Seed.

Angela Giles reflects on the results of last week’s provincial election, and what it tells us about the need for electoral reform, and most importantly, the task at hand. “We need to hold Premier-elect Tim Houston and his party’s feet to the fire on issues like health care and climate. Organize in your communities and be ready to fight against any proposal to privatize health care.”

Media release: Eddie Nalon died alone in a segregation cell in Millhaven Institution located in Kingston, Ontario, Canada on August 10th 1974. A year later, Prisoners’ Justice Day (PJD) was first observed by imprisoned people held in the same Canadian federal penitentiary who engaged in a one-day hunger and work strike in support of their demands to end solitary confinement and other injustices behind bars. Since then, PJD has been marked by people inside and outside prison walls across the world.

News release: You’re invited to celebrate Prisoner Justice Day on August 10th at the Halifax Commons. On this day every year, incarcerated and formally incarcerated people take the day to fast while prisoner justice advocates take the tie to discuss the significance of the day and what the current prison system has done and is doing and ways we can help.