Judy Haiven on the football stadium that just won’t quit. “Can anybody honestly say that in the wake of the world changing due to Covid, thousands of jobs disappearing possibly forever, and poverty nipping at the heels of many in Halifax that no better use of $20 million could be found?”

Gary Burrill: “The cancellation of the fall session of the House means that a whole series of legislative proposals, including those we in the NDP have ready to bring forward — from paid sick leave, to permanent rent control, to the establishment of a cross-sector, multi-Party Economic Recovery Task Force in Nova Scotia — will not at this time see the legislative light of day.”

“Bomb carrying jet makers are clinking their glasses as they hope to bring the fighter jet ‘deal’ to IMP in Enfield, Nova Scotia,” writes Kathrin Winkler. But such fighter jets, armed to kill, are part of the arms dealing pandemic that we can no longer ignore.