PSA: Family SOS announces the launch of their second annual Great Golf Raffle this month. This year’s grand prize will be valued at over $2,500.00 and will feature over thirty golf passes to some of Nova Scotia’s most exclusive courses as well as a $100 gift card to Kandy Golf (Dartmouth), a $40 gift card to Golf Central (Bayers Lake) and “buckets of balls” at Fairview Hills Golf Centre and Driving Range.

Status for all means permanent residency for all temporary migrant workers and their families who live in Canada with precarious legal status. Temporary migrant workers include international students, refugee claimants, temporary foreign workers in low-wage occupations and migrants classified as high-skilled in the International Mobility Program. It also includes non-status migrants.

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Judy and Larry Haiven tackle non-disclosure agreements. Some argue that everybody wins, they write. The complainant gets some compensation. The perpetrator and the employer are protected from all the bad publicity. But it’s a big defeat for the cause of justice. It’s as if the bad incident never happened.

We are accustomed to weave our way past turning drivers on signalized intersections with a mixture of luck and skill. Signalized intersections are known to be treacherous for vulnerable road users and account for around 40% of pedestrian incidents within the municipality. Yesterday a 75 year-old citizen of Halifax was left with life threatening injuries after being struck on a crosswalk by the driver of a truck.