News release: The 50th Convention of the Nova Scotia Federation of Labour took place at the Westin Nova Scotian Hotel and wrapped up yesterday with plans to educate and mobilize its 70,000 plus members on a wide range of issues over the next two years. Danny Cavanagh was acclaimed as president of the organization for a third term, with Jason MacLean returned as first vice-president.

Wherever there is poverty you will find period poverty, the inability to pay for menstrual products. And given Nova Scotia’s very high poverty rates, period poverty is a very much a concern here. I attended part of yesterday’s Period Poverty Summit to learn more.

Mi’kmaq Grandmother Elizabeth Marshall wrote the following open letter to Premier Stephen McNeil on the occasion of the introduction of Bill 213, the Sustainable Development Goals Act.

“The so called province of Nova Scotia has distributed hundreds of illegal land grants to promote settlement for the crown in the last 200 years. Generations of your tax paying families have prospered and built equity off the lands stolen from my family.”