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Tom Rogers: “Scenic drives”

Photo Tom Rogers

My wife and I have been exploring the backroads of Lunenburg County.

There are many.

And after 30 years, we figured it was time to check them out.

So this fall (2019) we have traveled many sketchy, backroads around the County finally seeing what they’re about.

The fall colours were stunning, so many beautiful lakes, hilltop farms, gorgeous old stone work.

Photo Tom Rogers

And clearcuts.

So many clearcuts.

Imagine driving into a new town and on the first road you hit a pothole.  The next road you turn onto — same thing — you hit another pothole.  The next turn you hit two BIG potholes.  And so on.

You’d probably say something like ‘hmmmm … not sure who takes care of the roads around here but they do a pretty sh***y job’

It got so bad that on our drive last weekend my wife said to me ‘that’s a nice stand of trees, I wonder how long that will be there?’

And if you want to get a bigger perspective, checkout the latest version of Google Maps.  They are from this year and the resolution appears to be higher so details — like clearcuts — are much more obvious.

If you use Chrome and have a good connection, this link provides an interesting perspective as you ‘fly’ over the county

I appreciate that we need forestry.  I live in a wooden house.  And neighbours work in the sector.

But is this kind of cutting sustainable?  Please, let me know.

Because from the seat of my vehicle, it looks like its going fast.

From Discovering the Acadian Forest, a blog maintained by Tom Rogers. Republished here with Tom’s kind permission.

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