Warmongers not welcome in Halifax!

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – The 12th annual Halifax International Security Forum will be convened on November 20-22 as a platform for warmongering and empire building of U.S. imperialism and the NATO bloc, in which the Trudeau Liberal Government is fully embroiled.

The HISF represents narrow private interests that are linked to U.S. wars and striving for world domination through its association with partners, sponsors and media “thought leaders,” which Canada brought together in Halifax once a year since 2009.

While COVID-19 public health restrictions will limit the conference’s physical presence in Halifax, it will be carried over as a virtual/in-person hybrid meeting that is broadcast live around the world. 

The HISF is a 100 per cent U.S. operation lock, stock and barrel – its offices are located at 1717 Rhode Island Avenue NW, Washington, DC. Yet the Security Forum is paid for by millions of our tax dollars handed over by the Canadian government to the U.S. organizers  The  agenda is one of  nation-wrecking and the usurping of decision-making in the sphere of foreign and military policy of Canada.

The first 2009 forum was dedicated to popularizing NATO’s then new ‘security doctrine.’ Ensuing forums have provided a stage to justify NATO’s ‘humanitarian intervention’ in Libya and Africa, Syria and Iran. This forum will no doubt further NATO’s dark plans to expand to Asia. Indeed the Security Forum will, “present the findings of its year-long comprehensive study into the growing threat that China poses to the world’s democracies.”

Canadians should demand that the HISF be banned, along with demanding that Canada get out of NATO and NORAD and that they be dismantled. No foreign troops should be permitted to operate on Canadian territory and Canadian forces should be brought home to operate only in defence of Canada based on how the Canadian people define that need, not the U.S. imperialists, NATO and their so-called intelligence agencies. No foreign warships, whether or not they carry nuclear weapons, should be permitted to use our harbours.  All foreign think tanks and NATO-sponsored Canadian academic institutions should be dismantled. All front groups and non-governmental organizations which promote imperialist war aims must be rejected by the people.

It is unacceptable that Halifax, or any Canadian city, be used as a venue to plan further crimes against the peace and the peoples of the world. Bring your banners, bring your music and statements, and most of all bring your friends to oppose this war conference. 


FRIDAY  NOV. 20, 2020   7:30 pm (AST)

To participate: 


Passcode : 669926


SATURDAY NOV. 21, 2020  3 pm

Halifax Peace & Freedom Park

(formerly Cornwallis Park) Hollis & South Sts. 


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