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Raymond Sheppard: Don’t you give me no broccoli and tell me it’s greens

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – Let’s be honest, Donald J Trump galvanized the hate in the United States in order to become president of the United States four years ago. 

During his time in office he has shown how racist misogynistic and unhinged he was and is. He made fun of how African American women look, he would not speak out against white nationalism and white supremacy, he spread one lie after another to maintain and protect his narcissistic self. He fired people from top-level positions if they did not support him or repeat what he had said and wanted them to believe. He tried to surround himself completely with people that idolized him and would go along with anything he said at any time. 

All the facts during his time in office and even before support that Donald Trump is indeed a racist. The attack on the Capitol grounds in Washington DC on the 6th day of January 2021, was predictable based on the mindset of Donald Trump and those that support him and have supported him based on hate. 

The only reason this could have happened without retribution at the time, was because the attackers were on the white side, were organized and may have benefited from the apparent assistance of some police officers.

If Black Lives Matter peaceful protesters who marched on Washington in 2020, had displayed any of the same behaviour as this white mob did, there would have been many, many body bags.  

There were hundreds of National Guard members, at least 100 Washington police officers, FBI plainclothes officers and others on Capitol Hill when BLM peaceful protesters were there. In contrast, when the white mob descended there apparently were only approximately 80 Capitol police officers before  backup was later called.

Like the United States, here in Canada racism and intolerance continues to grow on a daily basis. There are many misogynistic and racist individuals in governments and within the general public across the country.

Recently,  even some MLA liked a Facebook post calling BLM peaceful protesters “terrorists” and then claimed they made a mistake and thereafter at least one so-called leader seemed to support their so-called mistake.

It is like the song says, Don’t you give me no broccoli and tell me it’s greens 

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