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Raymond Sheppard: You’ve got to accentuate the positive

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – Many mental health experts say that we are what we think. The more positivity you include in your thought processes the more likely you are to succeed. Equally, the more positivity you muster, the more healthy you seem to be. When we get some control of our stress factor and become more positive, it is more likely to improve our overall health. One thing or another troubles most humans, it seems, and this filters into what we think and influences our positivity. It is difficult to go beyond the negative and to get into the positivity mindset.

We have self-imposed limits, based on these limits we tell ourselves I can’t do this or I can’t do that. As a result of this we continue to feed ourselves the negative that limits the positivity we need to move forward.

During the pandemic everyone has a legitimate excuse for not doing many things, but the operative word remains excuse. When gyms were closed, most active individuals continued to exercise. I say this because it is necessary to be resourceful in order to use positivity in the go forward. 

The practice of visualization is one way to increase positivity in one’s life. You get to see the task at hand as not only being achievable but having been accomplished.

Sometimes collaborating with a friend can increase positivity and therefore one’s motivation. Encouragement and support increase our positivity. Regardless, we must trust our intuition. Focus on the future, we have no control over the past, we can only learn from it.

It is healthy for our brains to treasure memorable and pleasant experiences rather than the material things. Comparing possessions and looking at better buys after your purchase is demoralizing and ruins the initial pleasure. But treasuring pleasant experiences does not affect the initial pleasure; rather, they provide long-lasting happiness. It is not good for our mental health to only associate positivity with material possessions or promotions.

Helping others also increases positivity, because one is contributing to the betterment of another member of our human family.

We must always try to maintain positive people in our lives, ones that we can rely on for the truth and nothing but the truth; this is also a positive motivator. These individuals will lift our spirits. Believe it or not, reading children books from years gone by can also help our positive mindset.  

We should try to focus more on what we can do and not what we cannot do. Sometimes this is challenging, but positivity improves our mental health and self esteem, and without positivity dreams seems to evaporate.

Positivity, it’s in us to develop, maintain and share.

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