Open letter to the NS government: We are writing to express our concerns about the lack of physical access to safe, nutritious and culturally appropriate food for migrant workers in the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, including those in the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program, while in quarantine. These concerns are based on regular accounts we have been receiving from Jamaican and Mexican migrant workers.

Ray Bates: Recognition of historical Mi’kmaq place-name should become a common practice exhibited by governments and communities. History cannot be changed but it can be truthfully recognized with positive outcomes via respectful actions.

Media release: The NSTU is concerned with an HRCE proposal to reduce staffing levels at schools across the HRM through the elimination of Unassigned Instructional Time (UIT). UIT is time during which teachers are scheduled to support students, other than facilitating learning for a whole class. Given the pressure COVID-19 has placed on the entire education system, NSTU President Paul Wozney says, now is an “inappropriate time to reduce resources that are critical to keeping students supported and safe at school.”

Danny Cavanagh: Taxpayers should not be bailing out profitable corporations, but that is what we see proposed in Ontario with its 3-day sick leave plan which is inadequate for workers and unfair to taxpayers. Employers should pay for sick leave, and if they really need help, they must be required to prove they need that help.

Early childhood educators are calling on the Rankin government to make their health and safety at work a top priority during the circuit breaker and school closures currently happening in Halifax, Nova Scotia. If child care centres remain open during the current circuit breaker, additional preventative measures need be taken to reduce the risk for staff and for the children.