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Conservative leadership just fine with Central Nova’s racist candidate

Peter MacKay and Steven Cotter. Facebook.

KJIPUKTUK (Halifax) – Steven Cotter, the Conservative candidate running in Central Nova, is a xenophobe who’s Facebook page was found to contain all kinds of vile posts about Canadians who happen to be immigrants, Muslim or both.  No need to repeat it, CTV wrote about it here.

When found out he issued one of those non-apologies we see so much of these days.

“In the past I have shared social media posts without thinking about how these posts might hurt or offend others,” Cotter writes on his election Facebook page. “I have deleted these posts and apologize unreservedly to those I have offended.”

That apology is revealing in itself. Writing hateful comments without recognizing that the targets are actual living and breathing individuals is a defining characteristic of this type of racism.   

After the story broke, former Central Nova MP Peter MacKay, rather than condemn Cotter, had himself and his entire family photographed while on a friendly visit with the racist candidate. 

We shouldn’t forget that there’s a lot of hate and racism among too many members of the Progressive Conservative party, and its leadership seems to be just fine with that.

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