Sunday, 16 June 2019

A poem by Chad Norman about the men of the N.C.A, and others as well, dressed in whiteness, the little fellas with big hatreds. Donald, Jared, Andrew, Jason, Doug, and even Stephen…

Media release: “A chain link fence won’t keep us out, and jail won’t keep us in. Grannies keep on singing and the Grannies always win.” If you think you might be Granny material, don’t hesitate to approach them. New voices are always welcome.

News release: On Thursday, June 6, a group of climate activists disrupted rush-hour traffic by biking far below the speed limit. Adorned with signs and flags advocating for climate action, they chanted songs like “11 years to switch the gears” and “what do we want? Climate action!” through the cacophony of car horns.