This is the apology issued by Rana Zaman in June 2019, after comparing some actions of Israel against Palestinians to the actions of Nazi Germany during the Holocaust. For the Atlantic Jewish Council, the organization that pressured the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission into rescinding Rana’s Human Rights award, the apology isn’t good enough. You be the judge.

Rana Zaman, on the lessons we must draw from latest sexual abuse cases within the Catholic Church. “My response – blame the predators, the higher ups and the institutions that protect these despicable abusers, but don’t blame the religion. The religion is not to blame for the vile acts of some of its practitioners.”

Rana Zaman, an immigrant, social activist and community volunteer, writes about the humiliation and raw pain she experienced as the result of a recent restaurant experience with subtle but clear racist overtones. She decided to tell the story, not to call out the restaurant or any individual servers, but to explain how very harmful and hurtful this kind of behaviour is.